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Is my new Shure SM7B FAKE or REAL? & is yours?
The Shure SM7B is a LEGENDARY MICROPHONE, but there's an ocean of FAKE SM7B out there! So when I found this great deal on one, there was apprehension. But I ...

Does anyone want to donate £1200 for the most GAMER-Y car I've ever seen 😂
It's fully Space Invaders! 👾🔫
... What if I promise to install a PC in it & drive to events with it? 🤣

@gamejolt you wanna sponsor it?

Baby sleeps 😴 👶

challenge completed

Should I keep uploading RDR2 stuff?

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Next week's YouTube videos are all ready & scheduled to go out Monday, Wednesday, Friday

I might be biased but they're some good videos


Captain Jack Sparrow!!

Me plz?

Tell me you don't want to watch this video! Come on I Greenscreened myself into a tiny car just for it! 🚘🤣

This VR RACING game is FREE! | V-Speedway
My first time playing any sort of racing in VR, previously my driving in VR has been questionable (, but for racing immersion & ...