What do you think?

going off the screenshots, this is an indie game? looks like it could be on ps4, good job man graphically at least :)


looks great, resident evil vibes!

Looks great and interesting, however i can't play because of my suck pc :(

DarKnot is a game about the extermination of monsters on the streets of a foggy city. Here you will find insidious opponents, dynamic battles and puzzles of various degrees of difficulty. It's up to you to decide in what style to play the game.

Darknot is a gloomy world of eternal terror. You are the one who has been left alone face to face with death in its labyrinth. Challenge yourself and try to keep your mind sane meanwhile. Welcome to the third-person non-linear psychological horror game with a high level of detail and immersion.

The action takes place in a labyrinth of streets of a huge city. They feel deceptively calm while being deadly dangerous. You know almost nothing about the world and even less about yourself. You can become a part of Darknot, resist it, or find your own way. What will you do to survive? How far will you go to save yourself?

Explore the world, experience survival at your best. You choose your own style of play and strategy for interaction with each of your opponents. You can return to Darknot again, and your fate will be different.


- Playability: we use immersive simulation and design the lore in a way that will provide you with a new experience every time you play the game.
- Hardcore: it is not easy to survive, each death affects the plot development and the way you play through the game.
- Several styles to play: Warrior, Explorer, Survivor, Fugitive. Who of them are you? #horror #action #adventure #coop #survival

Realistic Violence
Realistic Bloodshed

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This game challenges you, can you accept it? Plunge into the dangerous world of the foggy city and become a real monster hunter who knows when to retreat and when to attack in time.

Enjoy DarKnot on Steam -

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There is no difficulty mode for pussies, there are no slow, clumsy zombies, and the average schoolboy will envy the vision of most enemies. Every bush, every fly is dangerous -

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Move through the sewers of the city, and trust me a bad smell is not the worst thing to encounter!

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Random co-op events by @beardvilletv on Twitch.

Watch full video here -…..

Check out the game on Steam -

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