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made a sonic oc since im bored

he's called 88 but most people call him emotional

its extremely easy to find out what emotion he is since his eye puts how he is feeling

Kero dub

Isabelle cake topper for an Animal Crossing Cake. Here is the video tutorial if anyone wants to make one themself.


Isabelle Cake Topper - Animal Crossing Cake Tutorial - Cake Decorating Video by Caketastic Cakes
ISABELLE Cake Decorating Tutorial will show you the ins and outs to making Animal Crossing's most recognized character. Everyone needs a good helper in thei...

Se que no soy el mejor con los sprites, pero tengo megas, porfa juegos oficiales.

I know I'm not the best with sprites, but I have megabytes, please official games


Super Mario 64 - File Select [Cover]

NOTE: the first image is my rendition of someone else's sprite (next slide).

More info:

It's a me!

Haha I suck at art

Vs Megaman (The Capcom or Megaman Communities are all empty so I'll just put the nintendo community cause he appears in smash bros)

Mario dead art