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Get ready to go Chocolate Crazy for Chocolate Chica! Do you like chocolate? I do. I haven't had Chocolate in years. I'm sick of running this account. Let me out. LET ME OUT. Stay Forsaking!

#ar #mr #xr #chica #whosnext #forsaken #caketasticcakes #chocolat

My SANS cake with his light up eye! #CaketasticCakes

My Friday Night Funkin' cake I made for a Fireside. I made this one a few months ago, but thought it would share it again because someone was asking about it. #CaketasticCakes

The Sonic head is the cake I made for my first Game Jolt Fireside. I was talking about it on my last fireside and wanted to share it. #CaketasticCakes

Among us cakes! I made these cakes just before I joined Game Jolt. Still fun to say things are sus, but are many people still playing? #CaketasticCakes