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🌸"I wonder what's it like to meet... Me"🌸

Picture by mirracosgraphy (insta)

Hope y'all don't mind some more Ahri, I got pictures back from a shoot last April 😁


My Akali montage. (Sorry for the low quality)

This is my first time editing my gameplay with music btw.

Song credit at the end.


Those who shine brightest often burn fastest ⚡️

Heimerdinger Buttercream Cake

How to Make an Arcane Heimerdinger Cake
For this I wanted to have a go at a buttercream creation based on a TV show I've been binge watching recently, Arcane. Arcane is an animated series on Netfli...

HumanYuumi Anim. (Pixel Redraw)🐱

⚫💜"So much untouched power"💜⚫

Last month i finally got to wear my withered rose Syndra cos!

Pic by: devsakuraphotography (on insta)

Syndra: crown_cosplay_

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